Shankar N

Networker. Conversationalist. Violent flinger of memes.


I help entrepreneurs succeed in various ways - get in touch if you'd like to hear more.

In previous lives, I have been an entrepreneur, an investor, & an Internet Strategy Consultant, along with stints at places like Yahoo!, Intel and Axilor Ventures.

And finally, you can check out a (very old!) collection of various tech-related articles I've written.


I was born in Madras but grew up in Bangalore. I am a husband and a parent, each role consuming 90% of my mind. With the remaining -80%, I do various things that are touched upon here.

Musings from the wedding are here if you are interested.

I studied at Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, Bangalore from 1975 - 85 and at St.Joseph's College, Bangalore from 1985 - 90. (Did you study there too? If so, mail me, won't you?)

Other Interests

Music: My tastes in music run from Kamelot, Savatage, Dream Theater, and Rush to L Subramaniam and others too numerous to mention. I also used to sing in a band called Zen.

Books: I'm a fan of SFF, especially Douglas (Adams + Hofstadter), Rudy Rucker, Terry Pratchett etc.

I am one of the founders of The Goa Project.
I collect fragrance, artisanal vodka and Interesting People.

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Bangalore, India